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Deaths from Cantaloupes Rising

The death toll from the cantaloupes with listeria continues to rise in the US. The current total is at 16 with 72 ill to date. United States health official expect this number to climb in the coming weeks.  The deadly cantaloupes were … Continue reading

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Listeria Deaths from Cantaloupes Rises

The deaths from listeria haven risen to 8 and those infected in 14 different states continues to climb according to the CDC. Listeria infections can stay in the gut for up to two months before causing symptoms, CDC says, so … Continue reading

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Listeria Outbreak from Cantaloupes Claims 4 Lives

If you have not yet heard, be careful eating cantaloupes. There have been 4 related deaths due to listeria linked from Cantaloupes. These cantaloupes linked are from Jensen Farms located in Colorado.  According to the CDC 35 people from 10 different states … Continue reading

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What Your Yellow Eyelids Could Mean

Do you have yellow eyelids? Researchers in Denmark have found these may be a signal for a heart attack to happen. Patients with xanthelasmata were 48% more likely to have a heart attack.  Xanthelasmata, which are mostly made up of … Continue reading

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MRSA and Over the Counter Ointments

Do you use over the counter anti-bacterial ointments? These ointments may be leading to a new, antimicrobial resistant strain of MRSA according to  a study published Wednesday in Emerging Infectious Diseases. (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s monthly peer-reviewed journal.) According to Japanese researchers resistance … Continue reading

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TB Returns with a Vengeance in Europe

Tuberculosis has returned with a vengeance in Europe.  TB is currently a worldwide pandemic that kills around 1.7 million people a year. The infection is caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis and destroys patients’ lung tissue, causing them to cough … Continue reading

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West Nile Virus Found in Several States

I have been reading recent reports of West Nile Virus in various states and deaths caused from it recently. You can see the dark green highlights in this map from the CDC. Health departments around the country are urging residents to take … Continue reading

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