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Can A Microchip Tell You In Minutes If You Have An infectious Disease or Cancer?

Toronto’s medical community is excited today about a new way health care professionals can screen for infectious diseases or cancer.  It is a device that works with a blood sample or swab placed on a microchip. It then reads and can even recognize … Continue reading

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Will The ER Give You An Infection?

Most people visit the ER to get well from being quite sick. Either they have become ill or hurt suddenly and head right to the ER or if they have called their doctor and were told to go to the Emergency Room. … Continue reading

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Is La Nina Weather To Blame For New Flu Strains and Pandemics?

Researchers from Columbia and Harvard Universities have discovered a link between the La Nina weather pattern and the flu pandemics of 1918, 1957, 1968 and 2009.  This research was published in the PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences). La Nina periodically brings … Continue reading

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Will Frogs Save Us From Antibiotic-Resistance Bacteria?

Chinese researchers have found that frogs have the ability to protect themselves from infection as they thrive in warm, wet environments – which are also breeding grounds for bacteria. Recently, research published in the Journal of Proteome Research shows that some kinds of a particularly … Continue reading

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Flu Under Age 5 Can Be Deadly

According to a new report, the seasonal flu has killed over 110,500 kids under the age 5 worldwide.  This report revealed the burden of the seasonal flu on those 5 years old and younger. “Influenza is the second most common … Continue reading

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New Strain of HIV Hits Singapore

A new strain of HIV has started in Singapore. This new strain evolved from 2 existing strains there. The new strain found in Singapore can be treated with existing HIV medication but doctors are concerned as the recombinant strain AE-B … Continue reading

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Kids Who Carry MRSA at Risk for Infections

By Ken Buben, President, FancyScrubs.com Kids who carry the MRSA germ but show no infections are at a great risk for developing a full blown infection. The study, by the John Hopkins Children Center, involved 3,140 children admitted to the … Continue reading

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