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Will The ER Give You An Infection?

Most people visit the ER to get well from being quite sick. Either they have become ill or hurt suddenly and head right to the ER or if they have called their doctor and were told to go to the Emergency Room. … Continue reading

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Western Union Style Post

By Ken Buben, President – FancyScrubs.com Yesterday wife came home sick stop She works at a medical facility stop One of her patients sneezed on her scrubs and it got to her skin stop I told her that if she … Continue reading

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Measles Protection in Health Care Facilities

By Ken Buben, President, PPC, Inc. The CDC  Is Tracking Potential Measles Transmission at 3 U.S. Airports. The latest outbreak of measles on passenger flights throughout the country and the world is a scary thing. We all thought that with … Continue reading

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