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Manganese May End Deadly Bacterial Poisons

A mineral supplement, Manganese helps detoxify Shiga toxin, which is produced by a host of bacteria, including the type of E. coli that killed scores and sickened more than 3,700 people in Europe last year.  The finding comes from researchers at Carnegie Mellon University … Continue reading

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Do You Eat Cookie Dough?

Do you eat your cookie dough as you are making cookies? Many people do especially this time of year. A new report shows there may be some awful germs lurking in ready-to-bake cookie dough. Scientists concluded that raw, ready-to-bake cookie dough was … Continue reading

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More E-Coli Alerts

There are more food recalls and alerts today due to e-coli concerns. Bagged salads from Ready Pac Foods have recalled their bag salads in 8 states including Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon, Texas and Washington according to the FDA. Raw … Continue reading

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Are Chickens to Blame for Infections Caused by Multi Drug Resistance?

By Ken Buben, President, FancyScrubs.com  In recent years there have been an alarming worldwide rise in the incidence of infections caused by a multiple drug-resistant gram-negative bacteria that produce extended-spectrum β-lactamases (ESBLs).  Now, researchers in the Netherlands have used molecular … Continue reading

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At Least 16 Dead From E-Coli Outbreak

By Ken Buben, President, FancyScrubs.com The death toll from the E-Coli outbreak in Europe has climbed to 16 with as many as 1624 cases of those who became ill from it. This outbreak is a very rare strain causing kidney … Continue reading

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E-Coli Breakout

By Ken Buben, President, FancyScrubs.com Europe has been suffering from an E-Coli breakout feared to be from cucumbers. Scientists are scrambling to find answers as 10 people have died from this and hundreds have been sickened. Germany has been the … Continue reading

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