Bird Flu Found Again

Health workers in Nepal are set to slaughter thousands of chickens following the discovery of the H5N1 strain of bird flu in the  southeastern part of that Himalayan country today.


H5N1 found in chickens

They had sent samples to London for testing and it was confirmed today that the infection of bird flu in poultry farms in Khanar and Ithari of the Sunsari district are indeed there. There have been no reports of infection in humans to date there. It had been reported that 8,000 chickens have died from this strain of H5N1 over the past few days.

Another report from the Sunday Times learns that more than 5,000 chickens on two farms in Bingiriya have been de-populated after some were confirmed as being infected with H5N2 virus.  And in India H5N1 cases were reported in birds there as well.

In Lahore eight peacocks have died mysteriously. Fears are being spread that it is a strain of bird flu there too.

These recent strains of bird flu around the world are not the same as the ones reported here in the United States earlier this year.  Could they all be part of an impending bird flu yet to come?

These cases are all happening as scientists have paused their avian flu tranmission studies for fear of getting the information into the wrong hands.


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1 Response to Bird Flu Found Again

  1. Shane says:

    Wow I remember the scare of this virus! And everyone was talking about vaccine. i dont know how safe those are though

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