Can A Microchip Tell You In Minutes If You Have An infectious Disease or Cancer?

Toronto’s medical community is excited today about a new way health care professionals can screen for infectious diseases or cancer.  It is a device that works with a blood sample or swab placed on a microchip. It then reads and can even recognize certain types of cells.

They believe there will eventually be a cartridge that would be disposable containing the samples. (It has been tested at the University of Toronto for the past 10 years.) You would no longer have to wait for days or weeks to find out what is ailing you or a patient and be able to start treatment immediately.  This device would be able to detect what is wrong with you or your patients in 15 minutes. Imagine what you could do knowing what is wrong in such a short time period? 

This microchip could save a lot of lives by detecting diseases much  quicker. Patients may be willing to go to the doctors sooner knowing that this would save them time in awaiting answers and having lengthy testing done.  This device probably would save a lot of money on healthcare costs. There is hope that this will be available in the next few years as Canada, the United States and an European country have invested money in this life saving device.

Would you like to see this device come to market as soon as possible?

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1 Response to Can A Microchip Tell You In Minutes If You Have An infectious Disease or Cancer?

  1. Katie Martin says:

    Wow, this sounds like an amazing medical advance! I see it’s been tested for the past ten years in Toronto, but does it look like it will possibly be medically proven as accurate soon? If it really does seem like it could start being spread to other countries within a few years that would be so great. I’m sure so many more people who despise hospital visits would be much more willing to take care of themselves if they knew it would be this much simpler. I look forward to hearing more about this in the future!

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