A Germ Free Computer?

The FDA has given it’s approval for a Germ FREE computer which can be used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities where healthcare workers share their computers.


Germ From Computer

The computers keyboard was developed by Viogard LLC and was patented in December. It has a self sanitizing keyboard. After being used the keyboard automatically retracts into an enclosed monitor stand to be cleaned in ultraviolet light. (UV-C)  UV-C is a well known disinfectant capable of inactivating harmful microorganisms within seconds. It rids the keyboard of bacteria related to MRSA in as little as 10 seconds. Just amazing!

Computers are being used more in hospitals with electronic medical records that was part of the new healthcare bill. Sharing computers in hospitals and doctors offices are common and is one of the easiest way germs are spread.

The results of their clinical trials with this keyboard have been published in the American Journal of Infection. Vioguard is seeking partners to bring this germ free keyboard to market.

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