Cancer Drugs May Fight Antibiotic Resistance Too

A new study published in Chemistry and Biology has revealed that cancer drugs may also fight antibiotic resistance.  The new study revealed that certain proteins that cause antibiotic resistance are structurally related to proteins vital in cancer.


Medicines to fight cancer may fight antibiotic resistance too

The pharmaceutical sector has made a big investment in targeting these proteins called kinases. There are a lot of compounds and drugs out there designed to overcome cancer, that now can be looked at in a new light and maybe repurposed to address the problem of antibiotic resistance.  The large-scale study involved screening 14 antibiotic resistant molecules against 80 chemically diverse protein kinase inhibitors.

Antibiotic resistance has been a growing problem over the years as people have built up an immunity to the use of antibiotics and there are not many stronger drugs left for them to work. It also led to an increase of MRSA. Patients have become too dependent on these medications – from the common cold to their children’s ear infections. They would be better off in most cases to let nature runs it course.  Doctors had been pressured by their patients for years to prescribe these antibiotics so people could return to work quicker or children to school and daycare quicker. The CDC now tracks antibiotic prescriptions in the hospitals across the United States.  Hopefully this will cut down the number of antibiotics given to patients so they will not become in danger if they get sicker and there are no antibiotics left to help them.



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