Hepatitis B Vaccine Now Recommended for Diabetic Patients

Diabetic patients are now recommended to get their Hepatitis B vaccine as soon as they are diagnosed with diabetes according to the CDC in those aged 19-59. They left it up to the doctors and clinicians to decide if after age 59 is needed for the vaccine as the likelihood of an adequate immune response to vaccination decreases with age.


Diabetic patients are urged to get Hepatitis B vaccine up to age 59

If they were vaccinated in the past there is no need to get another vaccination.

Data from the Emerging Infections Program showed that patients ages 23 to 59 with diabetes were about twice as likely to develop acute hepatitis B compared with individuals without diabetes.  Hepatitis is a liver disease where the inflammation is  painful, with red swelling that results when tissues of the body become injured or infected. Inflammation can cause organs to not work properly. You cannot live without your liver.

The data had found lapses in infection control during assisted blood glucose monitoring that had led to HBV transmission including multi-patient use of finger-stick devices designed for single-patient use and inadequate disinfection and cleaning of blood glucose monitors between patients.

Who gets Hepatitis B?

  • people who were born to a mother with hepatitis B
  • people who live with someone who has hepatitis B
  • people who have lived in parts of the world where hepatitis B is common
  • people who are exposed to blood or body fluids at work
  • people on hemodialysis
  • people who have had more than one sex partner in the last 6 months or have a history of sexually transmitted disease
  • injection drug users
  • men who have sex with men

So if you know anyone recently diagnosed with diabetes remind them to get their Hepatitis B vaccine today!

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