Enterobacter Sakazakii Infection Prompts Recall of Enfamil

A baby boy has died from a rare infection called Enterobacter Sakazakii – a rare bacterial infection of the bloodstream and central nervous systems in infants. The bacterium can be detected in the gut of healthy humans and in the gut of animals, as well as in the environment. The pathogen is also a rare cause of bacteremia and osteomyelitis in adults, but the outcomes related to adult disease seem to be significantly milder than those in infants whose death rate from this rare infection is 33%.

baby formula

Baby Formula is the probable cause in this rare infection

Powdered infant formula is not a sterile product and may be contaminated causing this infection to occur most often in newborns. Walmart has since said it is recalling a single batch of Enfamil powdered infant formula from its stores as a cautionary measure.

The FDA recommends that powdered infant formulas not be used in neonatal intensive care settings unless there is no other alternative available. If the only option available to address the nutritional needs of a particular infant is a powdered formula, risks of infection in healthy and sick newborn babies can be reduced by:

1) Preparing only a small amount of reconstituted formula for each feeding to reduce the quantity and time that formula is held at room temperature for consumption.

2) Do not hold reconstituted formula for longer than two hours without refrigeration.

3) Minimizing the holding time, while under refrigeration, before a reconstituted formula is fed.

4) Minimizing the amount of time a formula is at room temperature in the feeding bag and accompanying lines during enteral tube feeding, with no time exceeding 4 hours at room temperature.  Longer times of having infant formula at room temperature should be avoided at all costs because of the potential for significant microbial growth in reconstituted infant formula.

The World Health  Organization also recommends the following to avoid contamination of the powdered formula:

1) Washing your hands properly with soap and water.

2) Thoroughly sterilizing all feeding equipment in hot, soapy water and preparing enough formula for only one feeding at a time.

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5 Responses to Enterobacter Sakazakii Infection Prompts Recall of Enfamil

  1. sharmaine mcfarland says:

    I have heard of the tragic death of the 10 week old Missouri baby. I am very concerned because I have a 6 week old baby girl who uses the formula, along with nursing. I am cncerned because she has not seemed herself lately. I just thought that it might have been linked to the change in weather. Now hearing about the recall on her brand formula that she uses really frightens me t now that this formula could be something detrimental to her….. please honestly assure me that there is no reason for alarm..

  2. sharmaine mcfarland says:

    she constantly vomits all through the day but I attributed that to the fact that she has reflux. She seems to be a little more lurthogic lately and really cranky. I thought that it might be due to the change in weather. She hadn’t had a bowel moment in three days until yesterday. It was runny and all up her back.

  3. Have you brought her to a doctor?

    • sharmaine mcfarland says:

      No,as I just learned this information about the recall. I just called her hospital and am awaiting her pediatrician’s call.

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