Will Frogs Save Us From Antibiotic-Resistance Bacteria?

Chinese researchers have found that frogs have the ability to protect themselves from infection as they thrive in warm, wet environments – which are also breeding grounds for bacteria.

frog save us from disease?

Recently, research published in the Journal of Proteome Research shows that some kinds of a particularly stinky frog, called an “odorous frog,” have skin that produce antibacterial substances that could potentially be used to fight antibiotic-resistance bacteria.

This could save doctors from prescribing antibiotics and creating more antibiotic-resistance bacteria.

Researchers from Queen’s University Belfast found in their research that the skin of the waxy monkey frog has the potential to be used as a treatment for more than 70 diseases. A protein that comes from the frog is able to stop the growth of blood vessels, which could therefore be used against cancerous tumors, BBC News reported. These researchers won an award – the ommendation at the Medical Futures Innovation Awards in London on Monday.

This has the potential to treat an array of diseases and conditions that require blood vessels to repair quickly, like wound healing, organ transplants, diabetic ulcers, and damage caused by strokes or heart conditions according to professor Shaw who lead this exciting research.

Would you like to see pharmaceutical companies using frog skin to help us fight diseases?

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  1. Wow! Interesting indeed.

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