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Enfamil NOT Tainted According to FDA and CDC

The FDA and CDC both have confirmed that the Enfamil powdered formula is not tainted as previously reported. U.S. federal health investigators have now cleared an infant formula of suspected bacterial contamination that last week prompted retailers to pull a … Continue reading

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Can Copper Door Handles Reduce the Spread of Infections?

According to research conducted in the United State by the Infectious Diseases Society of America, as reported by the BBC, Door Handles LTD has learned that by changing from stainless steel to copper fittings could reduce the spread of infections … Continue reading

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Is Your Sink Making You Sick?

Your bathroom sink could be making you sick.  A fungus has been found present in bathroom sink drains, which may be a common source of infection in humans, according to a new study. Fusarium (fungus disease) was the cause of an outbreak … Continue reading

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Not Brushing Your Teeth Could Lead to Pneumonia

The Dental Health Foundation has put out a warning that poor oral hygiene could cause a respiratory infection after research found a link between bacteria in the mouth and lung disease. At the University School of Medicine they found changes … Continue reading

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Cancer Drugs May Fight Antibiotic Resistance Too

A new study published in Chemistry and Biology has revealed that cancer drugs may also fight antibiotic resistance.  The new study revealed that certain proteins that cause antibiotic resistance are structurally related to proteins vital in cancer. The pharmaceutical sector has … Continue reading

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5 States Have Now Confirmed 12 Cases of Swine Flu

The CDC has received confirmation of 12 cases of swine flu from 5 states. West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maine, Iowa, and Indiana. 11 of the cases were from children.  Half of them had no exposure to swine and all have recovered. The H3N2 … Continue reading

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Hepatitis B Vaccine Now Recommended for Diabetic Patients

Diabetic patients are now recommended to get their Hepatitis B vaccine as soon as they are diagnosed with diabetes according to the CDC in those aged 19-59. They left it up to the doctors and clinicians to decide if after age 59 is needed … Continue reading

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Enterobacter Sakazakii Infection Prompts Recall of Enfamil

A baby boy has died from a rare infection called Enterobacter Sakazakii – a rare bacterial infection of the bloodstream and central nervous systems in infants. The bacterium can be detected in the gut of healthy humans and in the gut … Continue reading

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What Is This Brain-Eating Amoeba?

You must have heard about 2 people dying from a Brain Eating Amoeba after not properly using their netti pots recently. Naegleria fowleri  infection, as it is also called Brain Eating Amoeba, can lead to PAM amebic meningoencephalitis, an infection … Continue reading

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Guidelines Revised For Whooping Cough Vaccine

The CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics have just revised the guidelines for the whooping cough vaccine in lieu of the recent outbreaks. The recommendations are for a single dose of Tdap to be given to health care workers of all … Continue reading

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