New Disease Fighting Cell Found to Help Fight Infections

Researchers in Australia found a new type of cell that increases the body’s own self defense mechanism to fight infections and other deadly diseases. It was published in the journals Nature Immunology and Immunity.

New Cell Found to Fight Infections

The cell was named as natural killer T follicular helper (NKTfh), and is able to recognize foreign molecules, known as lipid antigens, which sit on infectious bacteria such as meningitis and pneumonia and before triggering an antibody response to fight off the infection.

This newly-discovered cell is a natural and chemical-free way for the body to fight off infections.  This discovery could aid in making better vaccines as well as stopping the overuse of antibiotics.

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1 Response to New Disease Fighting Cell Found to Help Fight Infections

  1. wartica says:

    Any novel and natural way that can benefit people is always a plus. My book is primarily premised on the need to get away from relying heavily on antibiotics and the like. That is done by finding natural, alternative ways of helping our bodies, minds and spirits.
    Great article and find :))

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