New Swine Flu Cases in Iowa

The CDC has confirmed a new swine flu virus that has been detected in Iowa. The new flu strain combines a rare influenza virus (H3N2) circulating in North American pigs and the H1N1 virus from the 2009 outbreak. New flu strains develop when flu viruses combine in new ways. They can pose health risks because people haven’t yet developed immunity to them.

The lack of contact with pigs in the latest 3 cases suggests there may be person to person contact with this new virus. The CDC said it had developed a “candidate vaccine virus” that could be used to make a human vaccine against S-OtrH3N2 viruses and has sent it to vaccine manufacturers. According to the CDC none of the 3 families involved had any contact with pigs or attended any community events.


Swine Flu - New Strain Hits United States


We had reportedly earlier this month on this blog of swine flu cases that cropped in the United States. One in Indiana and the other in Maine.

If anyone suspects they or their children may have the swine flu be sure to visit your doctor and have it reported to the CDC.

As always keep your coughs covered and your hands washed frequently and properly to avoid spreading germs. If you work in healthcare get the latest fluid protecting medical scrubs to protect you and your family from spreading blood and bodily fluids that contain germs.

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