Antibiotic Use Being Tracked in Hospitals by CDC

The CDC is now tracking antibiotic use in hospitals. Previously they could only track the usage in doctors offices.

Get Smart About Antibiotics Week 2011 (November 14-21) spotlights the importance of appropriate antibiotic use. Millions of Americans take antibiotics to fight infections. But not only do antibiotics fight infections they also change germs, allowing them to evolve resistance to antibiotics, which increases the risk of an infection for which there are limited or no treatment options.


Antibiotics can do more than cure an infection

Some patients who receive antibiotics can experience side effects, including allergic reactions and may be at increased risk for Clostridium difficile infection, a potentially deadly diarrheal infection.

This new tracking system is a powerful tool that will enhance providers’ ability to monitor and improve patterns of antibiotic use so that these essential drugs will still be effective in the years to come according to  CDC Director Thomas R. Frieden, M.D., M.P.H.

There has already been an increase in germs that are stronger than any antibiotics we have to treat them, including some infections in health care settings.

MRSA is an example of a newer concern among healthy people outside the hospital setting from the overuse of antibiotics.

Although experts are working to develop new antibiotics and other treatments to keep pace with antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria, infectious organisms adapt quickly. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria will continue to be a global health concern — and using antibiotics wisely is important for preventing their spread.

Do you prescribe antibiotics for every patent who asks for them?

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