Do Doctors Who Wear Sterile Gloves Have Sterile Hands?

It’s been reported recently that the latex gloves doctors and healthcare workers are wearing are full of germs.

latex gloves

Healthcare workers and gloves

There are several reasons why:

1) They don’t wash their hands as often thinking that the gloves are protection enough

2) A back spray is produced when taking off the gloves and the bodily fluids and germs are snapped back into the healthcare worker’s hands

3) Gloves are usually used with the sickest and most contaminated patents

The study, which is published in the December issue of the journal Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, is the largest to look at glove use in hospitals and their effect on hand hygiene.

Hospitals must train their staff that wearing latex gloves does not mean they can skip cleaning their hands properly.

Have you seen your doctor or healthcare worker wearing gloves and not cleaning hands in between visits?

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1 Response to Do Doctors Who Wear Sterile Gloves Have Sterile Hands?

  1. Curt says:

    #2 is a very good point. And a bit alarming to say the least. It’s amazing how poor training is prevalent at all levels of technology AND education.

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