Have You Checked Your Lettuce?

The latest food recall is in 19 states with lettuce over listeria contamination.

A California farm True Leaf Farms voluntarily made the recall of their romaine lettuce after finding from a sample test that tested positive for listeria.

Most of the lettuce went to institutions and cafeterias. Only 90 cartoons went to retail sales out of their 2,500 cartoons.

There have been no report of illnesses to date. The lettuce recall is not related to the tainted cantaloupes that has killed 13 people and sickened 72.

Listeria bacteria can be eliminated by cooking or pasteurizing but not by freezing or refrigeration. Listeria bacteria can continue to grow at low temperatures and can linger long after the original source of the contamination is gone. For this reason, it is extremely important to thoroughly clean and sanitize all areas where contaminated food items may have been handled or stored. Washing the lettuce alone will not eliminate the listeria. It’s best to just throw it out.

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