Deaths from Cantaloupes Rising

The death toll from the cantaloupes with listeria continues to rise in the US. The current total is at 16 with 72 ill to date.


Listeria deaths from Cantaloupes continue to rise

United States health official expect this number to climb in the coming weeks.  The deadly cantaloupes were traced back to Jensen Farms in Colorado.

The company is working with the State of Colorado and the FDA to inform the public of this recall. L. monocytogenes is a bacterium that can contaminate foods and cause a mild illness or a severe, sometimes life-threatening, illness. People who have the greatest risk of experiencing listeriosis after consuming foods contaminated with L. monocytogenes are fetuses and neonates who are infected after the mother is exposed to L. monocytogenes during pregnancy, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems.

Listeria can be more deadly than pathogens like salmonella and E. coli. Symptoms may include fever and muscle aches, often with other gastrointestinal symptoms.

If you are unsure of what cantaloupes you have please throw them away. It would not be worth eating if you are unsure of where the cantaloupes came from.

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