Listeria Outbreak from Cantaloupes Claims 4 Lives

If you have not yet heard, be careful eating cantaloupes. There have been 4 related deaths due to listeria linked from Cantaloupes.


Cantaloupes and Listeria Outbreak

These cantaloupes linked are from Jensen Farms located in Colorado.  According to the CDC 35 people from 10 different states  have been infected since August 4.

The cantaloupes were shipped between July 29 and September 10 to at least 17 states, the FDA said in a statement.  The FDA has advised consumers not to eat the recalled cantaloupes and to throw them away.

If you experience flu like symptoms after having eaten cantaloupe please visit your doctor or ER. It can be dangerous for those over 60, pregnant or with compromised immune systems.

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5 Responses to Listeria Outbreak from Cantaloupes Claims 4 Lives

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  2. PeteJ says:

    This sounds like it happen pretty quickly. Has there been any other reports of sickness or death from the cantaloupes from Jensen Farms, CO? I don’t know that I would be able to identify if a cantaloupe is from one farm or another. Does anyone have any suggestions on how one would know other than asking the produce clerk? Does it take on a different color or something else that would give anyone a clue that it might not be good? Thx for your responses. Pete

  3. these types of things seem to happen more and more these days without any warning to the public. I work in a restaurant and I know we do get warnings and most distributors will short the orders of product when there is a problem, but the public seems to be mostly unaware and the grocery stores still carry them. The fact that most produce clerks are completely uneducated about their wares does not help. Is there a website that post these contamination’s that people can check on a regular basis?

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