Infectious Disease and Brain Power

Did you know infectious disease may play a major role in your brain power?

human brain

Brain Power and Infectious Disease

Scientists from the University of New Mexico analyzed IQ’s across the United States and found that exposure to infectious disease had a major effect on a person’s brain power.

It takes a lot of energy to run your brain and if you come down with a disease that energy is zapped for the disease.

Writing in Scientific American, researcher Christopher Eppig said: “Infectious disease is a factor that may rob large amounts of energy away from a developing brain. The evidence suggests that infectious disease is a primary cause of the global variation in human intelligence.”

His team also tested theories involving education, wealth and where a person lives. The findings showed the states with the highest infectious disease rates had the lowest average IQ’s.

To read more on this visit Scientific America’s in-depth report.

Another reason to do your best to stay healthy and disease free.

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