Do You Get Betadine On Your Medical Uniforms?

By Ken Buben, President,

Betadine is a brownish antiseptic washing solution that is famous for staining clothing. Many surgical nurses and OB/GYN’s use this solution often. Betadine Microbicides helps to reduce bacteria that potentially can cause skin infections. That is why it is used to prepare a patients skin prior to surgery.


Working during surgery

Did you know there are medical uniforms that repel all fluids?  Betadine can be rinsed with water on these fluid repelling uniforms and keep you dry on the inside. Betadine will leave a yellow halo spot which will wash out with regular laundering.

No fabric softener or fabric sheets can be used in the cleaning process so these medical uniforms will continue to be fluid repelling for a long time. This can save health professionals a lot of money on constantly purchasing medical uniforms and lab coats.








About hightechnologyscrubs

I own and operate an online store that specializes in nursing scrubs, nursing uniforms, lab coats and clogs. The website includes New Balance, Gelscrubs, Jockey, Cherokee, Trend, White Swan, and the product line I am most proud of is a protecting fluid repelling scrub line from Vestex.
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