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Kids Who Carry MRSA at Risk for Infections

By Ken Buben, President, Kids who carry the MRSA germ but show no infections are at a great risk for developing a full blown infection. The study, by the John Hopkins Children Center, involved 3,140 children admitted to the … Continue reading

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Will Bird Flu Return?

By Ken Buben, President, The United Nations yesterday warned that Bird Flu may be returning. It is a new mutant virus, H5N1 –, and may affect Asia the most. This new virus cannot be protected with vaccines and … Continue reading

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Back to School and Germs

By Ken Buben, President, It’s that time of year again when the children go back to school and germs are being spread everywhere. What can you do to stop the spread of germs and infectious disease this time of … Continue reading

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Bats and Rabies Threat

We have been reading lately of people being bitten by bats and bats carrying rabies. One or 2 people die each year in the United States from rabies. Rabies is a virus spread through the saliva of a rabid animal … Continue reading

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Flu Vaccinations for Healthcare Workers

By Ken Buben, President, A recent CDC study shows that 68% of healthcare workers do not get their flu vaccinations. Flu shots for doctors was 84%, compared to 70% for nurses. According to the CDC, 166 million doses are … Continue reading

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Can Suicide Bombing Bacteria Fight Infections?

By Ken Buben, Wow, can this be true? Scientists in Singapore have found a new way of killing pseudomonas aeruginosa, a species that thrives wherever humans are weak. It commonly infects hospital patients whose immune systems are quite frail. … Continue reading

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Do You Get Betadine On Your Medical Uniforms?

By Ken Buben, President, Betadine is a brownish antiseptic washing solution that is famous for staining clothing. Many surgical nurses and OB/GYN’s use this solution often. Betadine Microbicides helps to reduce bacteria that potentially can cause skin infections. That … Continue reading

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