Nasal Spray Cause of Hospital Bacteria Outbreak

By Ken Buben,

Nasal Spray Cause of Latest Hospital Bacteria Outbreak

A rare bacterial outbreak of Burkholderia cepacia complex (Bcc) identified contaminated nasal spray as the root cause of the infections, leading to a national recall of the product. An article in the August issue of Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, describes how researchers were able to trace the outbreak back to the nasal decongestant spray.

Nasal Spray cause of Bacteria Infection Outbreak

Nasal Spray Cause of Infection

According to Wikipedia BCC organisms are typically found in water and soil and can survive for prolonged periods in moist environments. Person-to-person spread has been documented; as a result, many hospitals, clinics, and camps have enacted strict isolation precautions for those infected with BCC. Infected individuals are often treated in a separate area from noninfected patients to limit spread, since BCC infection can lead to a rapid decline in lung function and result in death.

Treatment includes use of multiple types of antibiotics as one alone will not be enough to fight this infection in most cases.

The spray was voluntarily recalled by the manufacturer, but the findings raise lingering questions about how manufacturers should test nasal spray products before distribution. They are not regulated by the FDA to be sterile.

Other products, such as mouthwash, nebulization therapy, tap water, disinfectants, and reusable temperature probes have previously been implicated as Bcc outbreak sources.




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2 Responses to Nasal Spray Cause of Hospital Bacteria Outbreak

  1. loveourplanet2 says:

    What nasal spray are you referring to?

    • None of the articles yet mention specifically which one. It was more of a general term. There was one back in 2004 – 24 March —The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is calling on the health care industry and patients to refrain from using lot K4496 of Major Twice-A-Day 12 Hour Nasal Spray, by Propharma Inc., because of contamination with the pathogen Burkholderia cepacia.
      If we can find out which one specifically related to this one, we will post it here in reply to your question.

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