At Least 16 Dead From E-Coli Outbreak

By Ken Buben, President,

The death toll from the E-Coli outbreak in Europe has climbed to 16 with as many as 1624 cases of those who became ill from it. This outbreak is a very rare strain causing kidney failure in many patients and causing kidney disorders for the rest of their lives in others. This new e-coli strain is also resistant to many antibiotics.

“The strain is a new hybrid of two nasty E. coli strains that has gained a few tricks to cause more severe disease,” said Brendan W. Wren, head of the pathogen molecular biology department at London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. “It is not uncommon for bacteria such as E. coli to mutate and evolve, because they multiply every 30 minutes and therefore have numerous chances to mutate.”

Testing for Infections

3 Americans who traveled to Germany have also come down with this e-coli and officials are watching it very carefully in the United States. Hospitals should be on the lookout for patients with diarrhea, stomach pain and remain vigilant about not spreading the infectious disease.

The outbreak was initially blamed on Spanish cucumbers by German officials who later admitted that they were unsure about its origin.

We hope they can quickly come up with the origin and right type of antibiotic to prevent further deaths from this deadly strain of e-coli.

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