E Coli Outbreak Including 2 Cases in US

E Coli Outbreak Spreading Including 2 Cases in the United States

By Ken Buben, President, FancyScrubs.com

The E-Coli outbreak in Europe has continued to spread as the source of it has not been positively identified, including 2 new cases in the United States after victims traveled to Germany.

“The United States victims have been hospitalized with serious, life-threatening complications of E. coli infections caused by a rare strain of the bacteria that has taken scientists by surprise,” said Dr. Robert Tauxe, deputy director of foodborne, bacterial and mycotic diseases at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Infection. The US victims have not yet been identified or the state in which they reside in.

After a meeting of experts in Brussels, the EU said on Tuesday evening that the source of the “unprecedented” E.coli contamination could not yet be identified. The E.coli outbreak has so far killed 16 people and made more than 1,000 people ill. Germany is the worst affected, with cases in double figures also recorded in Sweden and Denmark.

contamined cucumbersOutbreak from contaminated cucumbers

Presently Germany has identified Spanish cucumbers as the source which Spain denies. Other say it’s also in the lettuce and tomatoes. The public is being asked to wash all salads and vegetables thoroughly.

There are also concerns that this deadly bacteria can be passed from person to person. According to the World Health Organization  “Regular hand washing, particularly before food preparation or consumption and after toilet contact, is highly recommended, particularly for people who care for small children or are immunocompromised, as the bacterium can be passed from person to person, as well as through food, water and direct contact with animals.”

Once again health workers should remain vigilant with their hand washing, being sure surfaces are cleaned thoroughly and wear protective medical uniforms that now can self-clean and protect against germs spreading.

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