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Can Duct Tape Fight Infectious Diseases?

By Ken Buben, President, Duct Tape and Infectious Diseases Can duct tape really fight infectious diseases? I had to read this twice when I saw the headline from the LA Times. An infection-prevention team at Trinity Medical Center in … Continue reading

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Scarlet Fever Outbreak in Hong Kong

By Ken Buben, President – Scarlet Fever Outbreak Hong Kong has a Scarlet Fever outbreak happening now and it appears to be more contagious than ever before and is resistant to 60% of the 2 drugs of choice. (erythromycin and … Continue reading

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Babesiosis is Spreading

By Ken Buben, President, Babesiosis is Spreading Since my wife had Lyme disease several times I wanted to write about it and warn others of the dangers of ticks and mice. Lyme disease itself can be debilitating and awful … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day!

By Ken Buben, President, Happy Father’s Day! June is men’s health month and now is the time for prostate screening tests! Remind dad today. Men over 50 should be tested regularly and those with increased risk factors at age … Continue reading

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Can Infections Change Your Personality?

By Ken Buben, President, Can an infection in your body change your personality? We read about this today on and wondered could an infection really change your personality? Would it be the infection itself, the medicine prescribed to fight … Continue reading

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Salmonella Cases Up in the United States

By Ken Buben, President, Salmonella More Americans have had food poisoning this past year according to the CDC with e-coli driving up the cases.  The CDC estimates 50 million Americans get food poisoning each year with 3,000 who die … Continue reading

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Medical Scrubs

By Ken Buben, President, Medical Scrubs I found it amazing during a very small show recently at a hospital that they care more about they price of scrubs than the safety of their employees and patients. We met numerous … Continue reading

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