Nurses and Moms

By Ken Buben, President,

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there and we especially wanted to wish the nurses who are moms an extra special wish as they are also celebrating Nurse’s Week as well this week.

We hope all the moms out there do take care of themselves because if they get sick who will take care of them and how can they care for their children and patients?

It is so important for them to care for themselves daily by getting enough rest, eating right, exercise and being vigilant on washing their hands on the job and even around the kids who bring home many germs from daycare or school.  They can also protect themselves at work by wearing fluid repellent medical scrubs that will eliminate the bodily fluids and blood from staying on their scrubs that can cause them to catch many infectious diseases and bring home to their children too.

So if you know a mom who is a nurse pamper her today!

About hightechnologyscrubs

I own and operate an online store that specializes in nursing scrubs, nursing uniforms, lab coats and clogs. The website includes New Balance, Gelscrubs, Jockey, Cherokee, Trend, White Swan, and the product line I am most proud of is a protecting fluid repelling scrub line from Vestex.
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2 Responses to Nurses and Moms

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  2. thenerdynurse says:

    no longer have a choice in my scrubs… uniforms.
    But I really like the concept of fluid resistant and stain resistant scrubs.
    Every nurse knows the feeling of discovering a mystery stain on their scrubs… not fun.

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