Lawmakers may ban doctors wearing ties

By Ken Buben, President,

Lawmakers are looking to ban doctors from wearing ties which can spread infectious disease. Senate’s Independent Democratic Conference says you should be more afraid of a doctor’s neck tie than having to go see your doctor. The tie your doctor is wearing can be the deadliest organism in the room.

Doctor wearing tie

A Doctor's tie can be deadly

The lawmakers concluded that fabric can act as a catalyst in transferring bacteria from one person to another, which is why they are proposing a ban on neck ties, jewelry, long-sleeve lab coats or any other loose clothing in hospitals and other medical facilities.

There is the technology available NOW that can greatly reduce the spread of infectious diseases. The new medical uniforms are self-cleaning with fabric that is breathable, antimicrobial and fluid-resistant. Fluids literally bead up and fall off the garment and a quaternary disinfectant that kills germs after a very short time period as opposed to 12-24 hour incubation.

This fabric uses a chemical compound called organosilane, which forms a colorless, odorless, positively charged barrier on the fabric’s surface. When bacteria hit the fabric, it punctures their cell membranes and kills them with an electrical charge. Vestagen licenses that technology, called NanoSphere, from Schoeller Textiles in Switzerland.

Reducing these infections in hospitals from improper medical clothing could save 100,000 lives according to the CDC and overall cost of healthcare in the United States.

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I own and operate an online store that specializes in nursing scrubs, nursing uniforms, lab coats and clogs. The website includes New Balance, Gelscrubs, Jockey, Cherokee, Trend, White Swan, and the product line I am most proud of is a protecting fluid repelling scrub line from Vestex.
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3 Responses to Lawmakers may ban doctors wearing ties

  1. Will Blesch says:

    This is really amazing. I had no idea neckties or lab coats could be so dangerous! I also found the information on the NanoSphere technology to be really interesting!

  2. nelyn says:

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