World Health Organization Calls for Action on Superbugs

By Ken Buben, President –

The superbug may be spreading globally and the WHO agency warned about it yesterday.  This one is called New Delhi metallobeta-lactamase, or NDM-1 for short, the enzyme destroys carbapenems, an important group of antibiotics used for hard to treat infections in hospitals, and has been found in a wide variety of bacterial types.



This NDM-1 has been shown to be widespread  in sewage and drinking water outside the hospital environment in Delhi, India, circulating because of sewage contamination in bacteria that inhabit drains and tap water.

The United States  CDC has not found any transmission documented in the United States.  The concern is that there are no new antibiotics upcoming to fight this one. The fear is resistance will destroy the ability to fight these superbugs and the era of modern medicine would end.  This resistance is a global problem, not just in the United States.

So to help spreading infections remember good hand washing is essential, don’t give or take antibiotics unless really necessary  and protect yourself with proper medical scrubs.

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