Superbug in Alabama Hospitals

Another Superbug has hit in Alabama.  An avoidable bacterial infection got into the bloodstream of 19 patients, possibly causing the death of nine. Mark Strassmann of CBS News reports on the state’s new outbreak of so-called “superbugs.”

This one got into their bloodstream. They all had a decreased immune response. It was in a Batch of IV Feeding bags – liquid nutrition. put directly into their blood steam causing infection. Bacteria can get into water into the finished medication. If detected early it can be treated. 1 in 20 patients can develop these infections as they are on the rise.  In 2009 50,000 people died from these infections.  An alert clinician noticed the increased in the number of blood infections and possibly saved more lives.

Remember, always wash hands thoroughly and wear protective scrubs to avoid spreading of any infections.




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  1. Susan Condon says:

    Excellent presentation! Look forward to reading more from your blog!

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