Potential HINI Flu Virus Outbreak on US/Mexico Border

By Ken Buben, President – FancyScrubs.com

We have not seen this in the news for some time now.  But according to Medical News Today there is a potential outbreak of the HINI flu virus on the Mexico/US border as 3 people have died. The third death was not someone who was healthy and was more prone to contracting the flu.

According to the local media on the Mexico border there are about 25 cases of the flu there and 13 of them are not confined to the hospital.

They believe the flu may be coming from Texas where the flu rates were high this season as Mexicans travel back and forth. The cases there were not as aggressive as the HINI flu virus can be.

So remember to avoid spreading the germs please wash hands carefully and protect yourself and your family from spreading the flu virus.


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