Superheroes and Scrubs

By Ken Buben, President,

Super-Man was virtually indestructible because of the powers of the yellow sun here on earth. The only thing that could hurt him was kryptonite. Spider-man even though he was human and could bleed, had his “spider sense and quickness to help him survive”.  Flash has the ability to move at great speed to take himself out of harms way.

As a health care professional you are surrounded by dangers throughout your day. Sure you have a face mask that you can wear for airborne diseases and you have alcohol dispensers throughout your facility in order to keep your hands 99.9% germ free.  But what about the other 90% of your body that can be infected by bodily fluids, such as blood, urine, mucus and feces?

Now the technology exists to keep bodily fluids from contacting your skin. There is a new line of scrubs that repels all fluids and yet remains cool and comfortable throughout your day. It also prevents taking any infectious germs and diseases home to your family that may be on your current set of scrubs as residue.

In closing anyone who joins the health-care field is a superhero – help protect you and the ones you love with these award winning scrubs.

About hightechnologyscrubs

I own and operate an online store that specializes in nursing scrubs, nursing uniforms, lab coats and clogs. The website includes New Balance, Gelscrubs, Jockey, Cherokee, Trend, White Swan, and the product line I am most proud of is a protecting fluid repelling scrub line from Vestex.
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1 Response to Superheroes and Scrubs

  1. Anna Maria Angelosanto says:

    I love the correlation of being a superhero and the use of the new technology in scrubs to ward off evil and dangerous germs, bodily fluids, and blood!!! Awesome article, Ken!!

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